Process Innovation towards LEAN Transformation* (16 hours)

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*This is a non-WSQ module.

LEAN is an operational philosophy and systematic approach that strives to continuously improve productivity by focusing on what is important to the customer, through elimination or reduction of non-value-added activities. This helps to reduce cost and helps organisations to be more efficient and competitive. It is also an important foundation for Industry 4.0, as streamlined operations and optimising processes ensure only value-added activities are digitised or automated.

LEAN can be applied to all corners of the enterprise by every employee and for all industries. It helps to build continuous improvement culture and to break down silos within the organisation. It can also allow coordinated efforts by the management to drive improvements to help in meeting the overall organisational objectives. the management to drive improvements to help in meeting the overall organisational objectives.

About the Programme

The objective of this programme is learn and apply LEAN and Industry 4.0 tools and techniques through immersive learning at an A*STAR Model Factory.

This programme consists of 2 full-day sessions covering practical methods for identifying wastes (non-value-added activities), performing root-cause analyses, and applying LEAN and Industry 4.0 tools & techniques. At the end of this programme, participants will become LEAN leaders, who will commence on their own LEAN journeys to train colleagues and support LEAN and culture within their organisations towards achieving continuous process and productivity improvement.

Who Should Attend

This programme is relevant for business owners, management, executives, engineers and professionals who are in the areas of, supply chain management, planning, purchasing and sourcing, administration, manufacturing, etc.

  • It is applicable for organisations with the intentions to:
  • Bring awareness of LEAN and LEAN as foundation for Industry 4.0 to industries
  • Equip participants with basic LEAN knowledge to eliminate or reduce non-value-added activities
  • Apply LEAN or Industry 4.0 tools to realise improvement

Moreover, It is applicable to Individuals and staff who are seeking capability improvement in terms of problem solving, and process innovation towards LEAN Transformation.


Our webinar was held on 30 June 2021 to offer an introduction to this course. You can also watch our webinar's video recording at our YouTube webpage.

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Process Innovation Towards LEAN Transformation

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Process Innovation towards LEAN Transformation (16 hours)

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