ROS-Industrial ROS2-based Navigation* (32 hours)

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*This is a non-WSQ module.

ROS Navigation Stack is one of the most popular navigation solutions in mobile robots since 2010. It allows mobile robots to move around autonomously and address industry applications such as distributed delivery, security surveillance, autonomous cleaning, and many more. The ROS Navigation2 stack is a new and improved version compatible with the latest ROS2 distributions. It inherits a set of foundational implementations of algorithms, including A* and Dynamic Window Approach (DWA) for planning and control from Navigation1, and added features such as behavior tree navigator and task-specific asynchronous servers to achieve high modularity.

ROS2 provides real-time capabilities compared to ROS1, and it utilizes the Data Distribution Service (DDS) as the communication protocol. DDS is used in real-time applications such as aircraft, missile systems, and financial systems. Industry-grade mobile robots navigating more than 2m/s in dynamic environments must adhere to stringent safety and security standards. Navigation2 is designed to sit on a higher application layer of ROS2 to address such safety standards and determinism, enabling robots to function in time-critical situations.

About the Programme

This course introduces the latest sensor technologies, navigation algorithms, and deep dive into the Navigation2 architecture. Some of the typical sensors used in robot navigation include inertial measurement units (IMUs), vision sensors, and range sensors, among many others.

Participants will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with industry-grade sensors and robots and explore the current and future changes within the research landscape on navigation algorithms methodology.

Navigation2 is highly modular for integrating new sensors and new algorithms. Apart from the basic setup of the Navigation stack in a real robot, industrial experts will demonstrate how to integrate new sensors and implement new algorithm plugins for different use case applications. Finally, continuous integration pipeline of the navigation stack will be discussed and how quality assurance in robotics development can be established during the course.

Who Should Attend

We recommend this course to ROS software developers, robotics engineers, professionals working with mobile robots, and business leaders who have a keen eye for autonomous technology to gain new skills and knowledge from our expert industrial trainers.

Course Outline

Course Outline

The programme employs the Learn-Practise-Implement™ (LPI™) pedagogy, where fundamental knowledge and principles taught will be reinforced with hands-on practices.

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ROS2 Navigation

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Upon Completion of This Course


Participants will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance (COA) by ARTC if they meet the following criteria:

  • Achieve at least 75% course attendance;
  • Take all assessments; and
  • Pass the course.
For more information about ROS-Industrial, please visit their webpage at ROSI-logo

Pre-Requisites, Full and Nett Course Fees


  • Applicants should possess a degree in any discipline or a diploma with a minimum of 3 years of related working experience.
  • Applicants who do not have the required academic qualifications are still welcome to apply, but shortlisted candidates may be required to attend an interview for special approval.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English.

Full Course Fee

The full course fee for this module is $2,600 before funding and prevailing GST.

Nett Course Fee

Singapore Citizens
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Singapore Citizens
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$2,782 $834.60 $314.60
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Please note that fees and funding amount are subject to change.

Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit which can be used to offset course fees (for self-sponsored registrations only).

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Brochure, leaflet and Registration

ROS2 Navigation

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Please register for this course under 1. Modular Programmes > 2. Robotics > 3. ROS-Industrial ROS2-based Navigation in the online registration form.


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