Selling Engineering and Maintenance Services* (16 hours)

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*This is a non-WSQ module.
This module is also referred as "Influencing in Engineering and Maintenance Services". 

This course lets participants effectively and mindfully sell engineering and maintenance services to third parties or positively influence the development of in-house maintenance operations.

The proposed approach to selling is based on the concept of customer value which is aimed at teams and is process-based. The process has been extensively and successfully tested in practice in the industry. It considers customer selection, pursuit preparation, customer meeting management, and pursuit management.

Extensive experience in the engineering and services market makes it very clear: engineering and maintenance services salespeople need advanced sales training to be successful in their roles. This is because without this training:

  • their competence is typically limited to selling spare parts and consumables.
  • they are usually not able to develop a value proposition and present it effectively to customers. These value propositions drive winning pursuits.
  • they are rarely able to sell as a team.

All of these are problems that demand solutions, but they are also opportunities. This course will help participants capitalise on this opportunity and support them in the process.

About the Programme

The course aims at applying the following proven and effective selling approaches to engineering and maintenance services:

  • value-based selling;
  • selling as a team; and
  • process-based selling techniques.

Who Should Attend

The programme targets participants:

  • from organisations, including SMEs, who provide industrial maintenance and engineering services.
  • who are keen to understand the Engineering and Maintenance services market.
  • who want to understand the importance of engineering and maintenance services for their customers.
  • who are bringing value-based selling to the salespeople in the company.
  • doing sales in applying a systematic and proven service sales-process.
  • who want to enable their salespeople to select customers.
  • who enable their salespeople to systematically prepare pursuits for successful execution.
  • who are sales individuals seeking capability improvement in engineering and maintenance services.


Our webinar was held on 6 July 2021 to offer an introduction to this course. You can also watch our webinar's video recording at our YouTube webpage.

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Selling Engineering And Maintenance Services

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Selling Engineering and Maintenance Services (16 hours)

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