IRPT 2019

25 Feb 2019

Course Introduction
The course equips participants with the fundamental knowledge and application skills required to program and operate robots for polishing application in the 
manufacturing industries including automotive, aerospace, marine, defense, heavy industries, furniture, and metal products.

Course Objective

Participants will learn the fundamental knowledge of industrial robot systems and program robots to perform movement and tasks. By end of the course participants will be equipped with the knowledge of robotised polishing systems to program robots to perform polishing tasks.


Course Outline

1. Apply robot safety.
2. Identify types of robot and specifications.
3. Define the work flow and components for setting up the robot polishing system.
4. Identify robot components.
5. Perform basic robot operations.
6. Perform robot Flexpendant operations.
7. Troubleshoot robot system errors.
8. Perform robot jogging.
9. Define the robot tool centre point.
10. Define the robot work object.
11. Program robot to do specified tasks.
12. Perform robot calibration.
13. Define the robot polishing process parameters.
14. Define the robot polishing product specification.
15. Apply advanced control for robotic polishing.

Suitable for
Engineers, Assistant Engineers and Technicians in automation, manufacturing, robotics or related industries.

Assumed Skills and Knowledge
Possess engineering or technology diploma or degree, or minimum 2 years work experience in a related industry.

Award / Certification / Accreditation
Participants who meet the 75% attendance and pass all assessments required by the course will be awarded the Certificate of Performance.

Course Dates
June 2019

Course Details:

Duration: 40 hours
Venue: Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), 3 Cleantech Loop, #01-01, CleanTech Two, Singapore 637143
Time/Day: 9:00am to 6:00pm


Fees & Funding

Courses Fees

Full Fee:
$1,900 (without GST)

Fees after subsidy:
(For Singaporeans & PRs):
$570 (without GST)

(For Singaporeans & PRs employees sponsored by SMEs):
$190 (without GST)

(For Singaporeans aged 40 & above)
$190 (without GST)

(For Singaporeans aged 35 & above and earning $1,900 per month)
$95 (without GST)



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