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Smart Manufacturing Joint Lab is set up at ARTC in collaboration with Rolls-Royce and SAESL (Singapore Aero Engine Services Pte Ltd). This programme strives to promote teamwork and cohesion in this long term Public Private Partnership relationship through establishing a co-working office space to co-locate the staff from the A*STAR, Rolls-Royce and SAESL.

The programme aims to build a long-term Public-Private Partnership relationship to accelerate the development of automatic, digital and adaptive manufacturing solutions for aerospace industry. It compliments Rolls-Royce’s R&D and manufacturing activities in Singapore, and supports SAESL’s business development plan of a modern ‘Factory of Future’ with digitally enabled capabilities.

Five work-streams have been identified under the programme, which traverses across multiple business units in Rolls-Royce and SAESL. The objectives of the five work-streams in the programme are to drive a step change on the manufacturing and remanufacturing processes through digitization and automation in aerospace industry. These five work-streams are:
1. Smart Assembly Systems
2. Integrated Remanufacturing Technologies
3. Advanced Fan Blade Manufacturing
4. Future Manufacturing Processes
5. Knowledge Based Manufacturing

The desired outcomes are to support Rolls-Royce and SAESL to improve their manufacturing and remanufacturing competitiveness. It will benefit the productivity of Rolls-Royce Seletar Fan Blade (FBSG) factory and increase the Quality Cost Delivery (QCD) of both Rolls-Royce Seletar Assembly and Testing Unit (SATU) and SAESL factories.

It also aims to strengthen aerospace R&D and innovation capabilities of local institutions, which will likely generate more economic outcomes in Singapore through the exploitation and deployment of new technologies in Rolls-Royce and SAESL local facilities.