Smart Manufacturing

To drive the adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions, ARTC will be setting up the Model Factory @ARTC as a demonstrating platform for the industry. The Public-private partnership programme aims to co-develop a model factory with industry players to collaborate and develop Future of Manufacturing (FoM) technologies, based on real applications in advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing.

With the demonstrating platform being developed together with end-users, technology providers and research institutes in A*STAR and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) to test-bed processes, the Model Factory@ARTC also targets to bring benefits to the economy and workplace.

Potential Applications:

The Model Factory@ARTC envisions 3 main components being brought together. Being smart, digitally connected and virtually enabled. The setup will bring together existing industrial members expertise to drive these capabilities. The 3 main components are :

- Intelligent System and Connectivity

- Virtual Manufacturing

- End-to-end Solution