Startup Challenge 2020

The startup challenge was first launched in 2020. This year's challenge involved startups pitching their ideas to members of the ARTC Consortium to tackle their problem statements, using Artificial Intelligence solutions. The ARTC has seen one installment of this event and looks forward to the ARTC Startup Challenge 2021, in February 2021 where startups will once again innovate to accelerate their market validation journeys with the ARTC.

Winners of 2020

datavlt logo

Problem Statement 1: How might we use AI to better predict when the next engine/machine fault is likely to happen?

Winner: DataVLT 
DataVLT provides the outsource solution crucial to kickstarting the artificial intelligence and data journey – accessible and affordable data processing, integration and analytics to intelligence capabilities.

Problem Statement 2: How might we use AI to improve inspection of facility or equipment which could be hard to reach or unsafe for humans?

Winner: WaveScan
First-of-kind, non-contact, see through scanning technology building upon a decade long R&D within A*STAR. Together with our automation partners (drones/UGVs/Cobots), we provide an end-to-end AI-enabled asset inspection solution, addressing the specific needs of marine & off-shore, aerospace & built environment sectors.

Problem Statement 3: How might we use AI to improve tracking of shipment and simulate the actual movement of goods from manufacturer to consumer?

Winner: Quincus
Quincus focuses on large enterprise slutions for airline, logistics providers, Port and Shipping operators, eCommerce and FMCG. Quincus Ground, Air, Port is supported by our unique GeoEngine and LogisticsEngine that allow for finding locations 25% more accurately and decreasing final costs by over 20%.