ARTC Startup Challenge 2020

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The inaugural ARTC Startup Challenge 2020 took place from November 2019 to the 12th of February 2020, where the challenge finals were held on ARTC grounds.

The ARTC Startup Challenge aims to invigorate the local startup scene and bring in a fresh wind of ideas and solutions to Members. Three problem statements revolving around Artificial Intelligence from three ARTC Members were presented to participating startups.

The three problem statements:

Problem Statement 1 - How might we use AI to better predict when the next engine/machine fault is likely to happen?

Problem Statement 2 - How might we use AI to improve inspection of facility or equipment which could be hard to reach or unsafe for humans?

Problem Statement 3 - How might we use AI to improve tracking of shipment and simulate the actual movement of goods from manufacturer to consumer?

More than 40 teams participated and their pitches went through a rigorous selection process. A total of nine teams; the top three teams for each problem statement were selected to present at the ARTC Startup Challenge finals on the second day of ARTC's Bi-Annual Technical Meeting 2020.

Here are the ARTC Startup Challenge Winners:
Problem Statement 1



1st Runner up -


2nd Runner up -

Longway A.I

Problem Statement 2



1st Runner up -


2nd Runner up -


Problem Statement 3


1st Runner up -


2nd Runner up -


Caaapture (2)

Congratulations to our winners and ARTC would like to thank each and every single startup company who took part in the challenge, and look forward to their participation again in the next edition of the ARTC Startup Challenge.