Hyper-Personalisation Line

Hyper-Personalisation Line Programme (HPL) is targeted for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. The HPL is focused on personalised filling of products and customisation of orders in brownfield plants or in-house distribution centres equipped with digital connectivity capabilities.

Hyper-Personalisation is different from traditional personalisation as it offers tailored content that fits every customer’s dynamic needs and preferences. HPL aims to incorporate hyper-personalisation capabilities through end to end connectivity starting from smart batch size one filling, to the use of advanced robotics capable of high mix, high speed and varying volume production.

There are a total of 3 work packages under the Hyper-Personalisation Line Programme:

Work Package 1 focuses on Smart Filling and Dispensing Technologies

Main objective: To develop an upstream filling and dispensing line that is agile and has high throughput.

Within this package;
  • Agile soluble powder dosing "batch one" technology
  • Metal surface texturising for enhanced functional properties
  • Smart cleaning and sanitisation for manufacturing excellence
  • Smart on line quality inspection

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Work Package 2 focuses on Robotic Automation for Customised Order Fulfillment

Main Objective: To develop an automated pick-and-place system capable of handling both the packing and de-palletising of a variety of products while providing real-time digital printing for personalisation.

Within this package;

  • Multifaceted robotic gripping solutions
  • Advanced manipulation for hyper-personalised packages
  • Intelligent material uncasing and mobile replenishment
  • On-demand high speed printing for personalised packs


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Work Package 3 focuses on Smart Manufacturing for High Mix, Volume and Speed

Main Objective: To develop real-time end-to-end connectivity between machine-to-machine (M2M) and machine-to-process (M2P) that is capable of tracking and optimising continuous production processes.

Within this package;

  • Adaptive yield and quality optimisation with machine learning
  • Real-time production sequencing and modelling of FMCG machines
  • End-to-End unified connectivity for FMCG
  • Batch one production with end to end traceability and authenticity


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Through the HPL programme, a platform for capability building for a digital-ready workforce will be developed and physical testbeds for piloting cyber-physical systems and technologies will be created. This will co-create value for local and global enterprises while generating capabilities towards industrial implementation.