Model Factory @ ARTC


MF1Manufacturing Intelligence Control Room is equipped with state of the art equipment to visualise and analyse Big Data

Digital Twins are created to optimise the operation and maintenance of physical assets, systems and manufacturing processes

Model Factory @ARTC
Empowering industry digital transformation

About Model Factory @ ARTC 
A model of a factory of the future, Model Factory @ ARTC is part of A*STAR’s Model Factories Initiative to support the industry in their digital transformation journey.

The Model Factory @ ARTC focuses on disruptive technologies, primarily Industry 4.0 technologies, that can transform factories and industrial operations to be more efficient and competitive. It offers a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with industrial machines and digital systems through an initial partnership of over 20 industry and public sector research partners.

Manufacturers, technology providers and the broader industry are welcome to the facility to:

  • Learn how the technologies are implemented on manufacturing use-cases
  • Test process improvements enabled by the technologies at our facility, without disrupting your own operations

With the support of our strong technical staff and network of solutions providers and public sector research partners, we also welcome collaboration with industry on:

  • Co-development of technology solutions
  • Adoption of solutions at your industrial operations

Our capabilities

We offer capabilities and expertise in 3 areas that underpin smart manufacturing –Secure Connectivity and Intelligent Systems, Virtual Manufacturing and End to End Solutions.

Secure Connectivity and Intelligent Systems
Connectivity between assets in a factory such as devices, machines, equipment and manufacturing software systems will be one of the basic infrastructure requirement for the smart factory. With a highly interconnected systems, real time data can be collected and centrally stored and analysis.

Real time analytics provides the possibility of decentralized decision making, condition monitoring provide the data for predictive model and optimisation. Better monitoring of energy consumption will provide the possibility of sustainable manufacturing. Connectivity to the cloud, will enable factories to harness the computing power offered by cloud computing. Data analytics and machine learning will provide intelligence to a factory, making it more agile and efficient.

Manufacturing Lean Line Assembly
The Lean Line of the Model Factory exists to assemble the MF’s I4.0 demonstrator product (A Gearbox) incorporating I4.0 technologies and Lean Manufacturing practices. It consists of 3 stations all of which are connected to the Manufacturing Intelligence Control Room (MICR) to enable data created on the line to be transmitted , analysed and displayed there.

The three stations focus on a number of I4.0 technologies consisting of Collaborative Robots, IoT-enabled Intelligent Material Storage systems, Digital SOPs, a Location Tracking system and an Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The Line Stations are also supported by an AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) that is integrated with the MICR ,Warehouse and CNC machine.

Virtual Manufacturing
Every physical asset in a factory can be represented with a digital model. Industry 4.0 is about merging the real world with virtual world. Virtual manufacturing is about the digital twin of the physical factory and its processes.

With a full digital footprint of a factory, every machine and process will generate real time information that will provide the data required for optimisation, decision-making, planning and learning. Virtual design will shorten the product design life cycle and the need for physical prototypes. Simulation will optimise factory assets. Augmenting reality will help in operators training and machine maintenance.

End To End Solutions
The end to end digital thread from customer-specific orders, product design and manufacturing to after-sales service provides seamless data exchange and gathering for new business opportunities and serviceability of manufacturing. These digital threads also enable better supply chain management and management of distributed manufacturing assets globally.

Model Factory @ ARTC will focus on digital thread for discrete, additive and continuous manufacturing line.