Programmes and Membership

The MedTech Manufacturing Alliance is a new pillar under the ARTC Consortium Membership model. The tripartite business model will forge a robust collaboration partnership with our members in the MedTech Manufacturing Alliance membership ecosystem.

Members can benefit from the pooled research resources and best-in-class knowledge to achieve technology capabilities faster by addressing common industrial problems. The pyramid illustrates the mechanism of synergy between the membership ecosystem.

The anchor and tier 1 members provide problem statements reflecting real industry needs to the technology service providers and SMEs. Through close collaboration, SIMTech and ARTC will drive innovation efforts with these solution providers to create compelling solutions that resolve the problem statements for the industry and serve to establish a robust MedTech Manufacturing ecosystem in Singapore.

Business Model



  • Solving common industrial problems through cost-sharing
  • Creating and sharing best-in-class knowledge
  • Early co-development with supply chain


  • Directed by individual members for their specific applications
  • Bilateral (e.g. OEM+ARTC), Tripartite (e.g. OEM, Supplier, ARTC), etc.