Technology Overview

We offer technologies for product life cycle management, cost-effectiveness, industrialisation, and sustainability to achieve shorter time-to-market. Our strong collaboration with the regional additive manufacturing ecosystem enables us to deliver system/part level design to manufacturing solution development and serve as a one-stop additive manufacturing hub for new product owners.


  • Complex Aerospace components such as brackets, nozzles present in aircraft and jet engines, and antennas and phase change material panels for satellites 
  • Replacement parts for Marine & Offshore that require quick turnaround and support for obsolete machinery
  • Efficient energy storage systems such as heat exchanges, cold plates for  Electric Vehicles
  • Improved inserts life by embedding conformal cooling channels for Tooling industries


Product Design Development

  • Product manufacturing process workflow development 
  • Optimisation for lightweight structures
  • Design for part functionality
  • Design for reduced part count, post-processing and finishing
  • Simulations to validate part performance

Material Performance Management

  • Feedstock material qualification and validation
  • Correlation of feedstock material with part charaterisation
  • Sustainable material processing for reuse
  • Optimised heat treatment to enhance part properties

Additive Manufacturing Process Optimisation

  • Processability of metal, polymer composites and ceramics
  • Process development for complex part manufacturing 
  • Process optimisation to achieve dimensional conformance and defect-free parts
  • Implementation of robust quality management system, OQ-PQ