Technology Overview

We provide a development platform for the application of advanced manufacturing, repair, and restoration technologies to the industries. 

Our portfolio of processes available includes plant and process simulation with cell concept creation, smart process fixturing, surface preparation, as well as hybrid processes and technologies. The know-how is captured in support of the development of manufacturing and remanufacturing industries.


  • Multinational OEMs in areas such as Transport, Engineering, Energy, and Infrastructure: manufacture, repair, and restoration components to serviceable condition, as well as remanufacturing of products
  • Local Small and Medium Enterprises: improvements of manufacturing and remanufacturing operational environment
  • Public Agencies: expert recommendations and established baselines/technology roadmaps


Intelligent Machining Technologies

  • Data assisted intelligent machining optimisation
  • Cutting tool selection and tool path generation
  • Adaptive machining In-machine measurement
  • Machine to machine communications

Regenerative Repair Processes

  • Advanced coatings and repair solutions by blown powder technologies (Cold Spray, Laser Metal Deposition)
  • Generation and regeneration of complex/ functional features
  • Hybrid technologies, processes and solutions
  • Process optimisation, quality validation and industrialisation

Industrial Automation

  • Environmentally friendly removal of contaminants
  • Surface preparation and conditioning
  • Smart masking processes and process fixturing
  • Manual process automation

Expert Systems for Manufacturing and Remanufacturing

  • Manufacturing process analysis and optimisation
  • Smart flexible cells, lines, and factories concept development
  • Disassembly, assembly, repair and restoration, remanufacturing process analysis and optimisation