Technology Overview

Advanced Robotic Applications Group focuses on developing core capabilities in the area of Process Robotisation, Robotic Intelligence, Mobile Robotics, Human-Robot collaboration, and Inter-Operable Factory Robotic Systems. These advanced technological capabilities enable the team to drive the adoption of simplified and intelligent robotic solutions in the industry.


  • Process Robotisation: Material Surface Processing, Assembly/Dis-assembly, Machine Tending, Pick/Place/Pack, End-of-line and warehouse automation.
  • Robotic Intelligence: Modular software packages and  AI-based 2D/3D perception algorithm to simplify the robot programming.
  • Mobile Robotics: AMR/AGV- Factory systems integration with interoperability and enable mobile manipulation for advanced and future-ready automation.
  • Human-Robot collaboration & Inter-Operable Factory Robotic Systems: Total factory automation solution from individual process robotisation to full shop-floor layout design, with simulation and virtual commissioning. 


Process Robotisation

  • Automation Process Mapping & Process Simulation 
  • Modular Automation Systems
  • Auto Toolpath for any-mix, any volume manufacturing
  • End of Arm Tool Design & Development


Robotic Intelligence

  • 2D/3D Vision enabled intelligence for robotic systems
  • Open-source (ROS) and modular platforms for simplifying robotic automation 
  • AI and Learning based algorithm for advanced robotic automation
  • Low-code / No-code robot programming 


Human-Robot collaboration & Inter-Operable Factory Robotic Systems

  • System design & Simulation
  • Robotic system selection & optimisation
  • Virtual commissioning 
  • Multi-Robot systems & OT-IT integration 
  • ROS based inter-operable solution
  • Warehouse Robotisation


Mobile Robotics

  • AMR based part/component transfer in shopfloor
  • AGV/AMR integration to factory systems
  • Multi AGV fleet management
  • Opensource interoperable platform (ROS)
  • Mobile Manipulation
  • Mobility for warehouse & logistics