Technology Overview

The Data-driven Surface Enhancement Group specialises in surface engineering technologies – utilising them to improve the functionality, performance, and longevity of components. The technologies encompass surface finishing,  sub-surface enhancement,  and laser surface processes.  With comprehensive capability in material characterisation analysis such as residual stress and fatigue evaluation, quality assurance can be maintained for various industry applications, including aerospace, land transport, marine & offshore industries.


  • Surface post-processing (cleaning & finishing) of additive manufactured metal components
  • Improve productivity & costs with process optimisation of surface processes
  • Enhance fatigue life of critical components with sub-surface engineering
  • Introduce functional capabilities, e.g. hydrophobic, wear resistance, etc. of components through laser surface processes
  • Automated blasting for large or complex parts
  • Digitalisation of special processes, e.g. shot peening for improved monitoring & control


Surface Finishing

  • Finishing for additive manufacturing - complex geometries and internal channels
  • Abrasive flow machining, media finishing, robotic stream finishing, electrochemical finishing, blasting
  • Modelling and simulation

Sub-surface Enhancement

  • Surface enhancement processes for fatigue life improvement, corrosion, and wear resistance
  • Robotic shot peening, laser shock peening, deep cold rolling, hammer peening
  • Process sensorisation, modelling, and simulation

Surface Preparation & Improvement

  • High-performance laser surface engineering technologies to increase functionality, productivity, and component life
    Laser texturing, laser cleaning, laser coating removal, hybrid laser processes

Material Characterisation

  • Characterisation processes for surface integrity evaluation
  • Residual stress analysis - X-ray diffraction technique, centre hole drilling, Barkhausen noise analysis
  • Mechanical fatigue testing