A 5G smart factory collaboration between ARTC, Singtel and Ericsson


Defining the factory of the future – With a lot more data, machine learning, automation and sensors, digitalisation is transforming how businesses operates. As companies continue their digital manufacturing journeys, 5G will be a key enabler to futureproof and revolutionise the industry.  

ARTC 5G smart factory is a product of close collaboration between ARTC and our industry members of the consortium, Singtel and Ericsson. We adopt Singtel’s Paragon, a unified orchestration platform coupled with the 5G network and multi-access edge computing (MEC), powered by Ericsson’s 5G radio access products cloud-native dual-mode 5G core network solutions. The 5G smart factory offers our industrial members with best practices in deploying advanced 5G connectivity and wirelessly enhanced services to accelerate technologies in the manufacturing environment.

What is Singtel Paragon? 

Singtel Paragon is designed to help enterprises reduce the complexity and time needed in adopting 5G, edge computing and low latency applications and services. Within clicks, you will be able to create network slices on-demand, deploy mission-critical 5G applications on Singtel multi-access edge compute (MEC), and also access a robust ecosystem of partner applications. 

Enterprises will be able to benefit from their 5G and edge computing deployments, sooner and at a lower cost. 
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What is Singtel’s 5G Standalone Network?

Singtel’s 5G standalone network works on an independent network designed and deployed from the ground up solely in supporting 5G. Delivering twice the responsiveness, the standalone network is 30% faster in uploads and strengthened authentication and encryption capability for secure transferring of data. With much greater bandwidth and near-instant responses, it will enable revolutionary applications in the manufacturing domain.

The smart factory of tomorrow is envisioned with seamless well-connected tools, accumulating huge data ranging from a different location and analysing them to guide workers to make an informed decision. Filled with wireless robots and sensors, each monitoring different aspects of the factory environment will provide better control and surveillance on the ground operations.

Industrial Use Cases in our 5G smart factory