Surface Engineering

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Technology Overview

The Surface Engineering Group, specialises in advanced surface engineering technologies to augment product surface properties and improve performance of engineering components and systems, with the development of mechanical and chemical techniques in surface modification and functionalisation, engineering of residual stresses and topography of surfaces, and the development of green hybrid and high-performance surface coatings and treatment processes through innovative structure design and intelligent process monitoring and control

Technology Capabilities

Plasma Chemical Process

Plasma-Chemical Processes

  • Plasma induced Surface Chemical Engineering for Advanced Coatings and Surface Functionalisation
  • Capabilities:
    • Vacuum Plasma for Thin Film Deposition (PVD and PECVD)
    • Atmospheric Plasma for Surface Treatment and Coating (Arc Plasma, Dielectric Barrier Discharge, Plasma Jet) 

Industrial Applications:

  • Corrosion and Wear Resistance 
  • Surface Cleaning and Etching 
  • Conductivity and EMI Shielding
Electro Chemical Proces

Electro Chemical Processes

  • Electrochemical Surface Treatment for Metal-Based Coatings and Surface Passivation
  • Capabilities:
    • Electroplating of Metals, Alloys and Metal Matrix Composites
    • Electroless Plating on a Non-Conductive Surface
    • Surface Passivation (Anodising and Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation)

Industrial Applications:

  • Corrosion and Wear Resistance 
  • Metallisation of Ceramics And Polymers 
Laser Radiation Process

Laser-Radiation Processes 

  • Application of Radiation Energy To Change Surface Physical And Chemical Conditions
  • Capabilities:
    • Laser systems (CO2, Pico-second, UV, Pico-second, SPI, and SPI Fibre)
    • UV systems (UV A/B/C, Ozone)
    • R2R UV treatment

Industrial Applications

  • Laser Texture And Laser Marking  
  • Laser Paint Stripping And Surface Cleaning  
  • UV Surface Treatment And Functionalisation
Physical Mech Process

Physical-Mechanical Processes

  • Application of Compressive Surface Residual Stresses for Improvements in Mechanical Properties
  • Capabilities:
    • Shot Peening
    • Hammer Peening
    • Deep-Cold Rolling
    • Laser Shock Peening

Industrial Applications

  • Enhancement of Fatigue Strength
  • Improvement of Surface Finish