We provide a development platform for application of advanced repair & restoration technologies to the manufacturing and remanufacturing industries. Key capabilities include Automated Fabrication, Intellegent Machining and Fixturing, Adaptive Robotic Welding and Laser Metal Repair technologies.

Our portfolio of processes available to our members also includes Cold Spray and Hybrid technologies. The know-how to repair processes is captured in support of the development of remanufacturing industries in Asia.



These technologies can be deployed to various industrial applications which include:

  • Multinational OEMs in areas such as Aerospace, Automotive & Marine: restoration of components to serviceable condition and remanufacturing of products
  • Local Small and Medium Enterprises: improvements of manufacturing or remanufacturing operational environment
  • Definition, simulation and optimization of manufacturing, remanufacturing & repair cells for implementation in various industries


Masking and Automation Technologies

Environmentally friendly removal of contaminants
Smart Masking automation for a variety of industrial applications
Intelligent and adaptive solutions for automation in industries

Intelligent Machining Technologies

Intelligent machining using sensors and data transfer system
Cutting tool selection & tool path generation
Adaptive machining for remanufacturing
In-machine measurement & scanning Smart Fixturing

Regenerative Repair Processes

Perform components assessment for repair methods selection
Adapt manufacturing technologies for repair industrialisation, such as:

  • Laser Metal Deposition
  • Cold Spray
  • Automated Robotic Welding processes
  • Hybrid technologies

Industrial Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Processes

Design Expert System for Remanufacturing
Smart Flexible Repair Cells concept development
Disassembly, assembly and repair process analysis for optimisation