Surface Enhancement is a key process stage for improving the functionality, performance, and longevity of a component.
Activities encompass a wide range of industrialized mechanical surface enhancement technologies focusing on metal surface finishing and fatigue enhancement processes.
With comprehensive capability in mechanical & microstructural characterization, residual stress analysis and fatigue evaluation, we aim to provide complete surface enhancement solutions for various industry applications.



These technologies can be deployed in the following industrial applications:

  • Fatigue enhancement on critical automotive land transportation and aerospace components
  • Wrought or additive manufactured metal components with high surface quality requirements
  • Surface enhancement after repair & restoration process


Surface Finishing

Abrasive flow machine (AFM) on internal complex feature
Vibratory & robotic drag finishing
Modelling and simulation of media flow for process optimization

Robotic Shot Peening

Robotized shot peening on simple & complex features
Online monitoring of shot velocity
Rotary lance peening
Peening Process Optimization
Peening nozzle optimization through modelling & design

Alternative Fatigue Enhancement

5-axis CNC or robotized process
High intensity deep cold rolling
Controlled hammer peening on localized feature & surface
Robotic flapper peening
Laser shock peening

Stress & Fatigue

Residual stress measurement thorugh X-ray diffraction (XRD) and hole-drilling
Cold Work Analysis
EBSD mapping
Static & dynamic mechanical Test
High/low-cycle fatigue evaluation at elevated temperature test
Residual stress simulation & analysis