Project 1: Genetic studies

Hypothesis: Genetic determinants of HF phenotypic dimorphism (HFpEF vs HFrEF) exist

  • Builds on NMRC TCR-funded work: Genome-wide Association Studies
  • Whole genome sequencing (A*STAR-funded)
  • HFpEF vs HFrEF
  • Quantitative phenotypes: Cardiac MRI, biomarkers
DNA strand_Theme B_2

Project 2: Epigenetic studies Modifiable Disease Mechanisms

  • Chromatin organization: histone modifications, DNA methylation, lamina-domains
    • Do different sub-populations of cardiomyocytes exist?
    • What are the novel histone modifications in cardiomyocytes
    • Map of the cardiac epigenome of 100 human hearts
  • Experimental models of diseases
    • Pig model: track progression of disease and its reversibility

Aim: Novel therapeutic targets in cardiac epigenome/chromatin