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Pictured (Left): Long Axis CINE Image 

of a Rodent Heart acquired 

at UHF (9.4T) MRI Scanner (SBIC)

  • Large well-annotated CMR HF cohort
  • Parallel enrollment of controls, HFpEF and HFrEF
  • Genotype/biomarker and imaging correlation
  • Exploratory validation of novel imaging biomarkers

Project 1: Clinical CMR Studies (NHCS)

Project 2: Clinical PET-MR Studies (CIRC)


Rodent Model

  • Lean diabetic HFpEF mouse model recapitulating Asian lean diabetic HFpEF phenotype
  • Cardiac hypertrophy with HFpEF in animals with severe insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus
  • Existing models immediately available for study of longitudinal progression of HFpEF
  • Combined with and without pressure overload by Transverse Aortic Constriction (cf pig model and humans)

Pig HFpEF model

Hypertension with mild diabetes model simulating the human disease phenotype paralled in lean diabetic HFpEF mouse model


Project 3: Imaging in Small Animal Models (SBIC)

Project 4: Imaging In Large Animal Models (SBIC-BRC and NUS CM (CeLS))