Since established in 2011, the Animal Gene Editing Laboratory (AGEL) has successfully generated more than 60 genetically-modified rodent models for research or as service. These include gene specific knockout/knockin models by traditional ES targeting and indel mutation & single nucleotide mutagenesis models by more recently developed CRISPR/Cas9 & TALEN methods.

Our comprehensive services include strategy design, synthesis and preparation of molecular reagents, targeting vector construction, microinjection, screening and detailed genotyping analysis of mutant founders, and production of germline transmission F1 heterozygotes carrying desired mutations.

Key Services

1) Gene knockout by CRISPR or TALEN

  • Indel reading frame-shift mutation
  • Exon or full gene deletion (up to 20 kb)

    2)  Precise genomic modification by CRISPR or TALEN

    • Single/multiple nucleotide mutagenesis
    • Defined protein functional domain or transcription factor binding site deletion
    • Insertion of short sequence motif, such as loxP site, sequence tag, epitope etc.

    3) Reporter/transgene knockin by CRISPR, TALEN or ES cell targeting

    • Conditional knockout (floxed) of specific gene
    • Reporter/transgene knockin at specific genomic locus
    • Inducible/non-inducible transgene (protein coding sequence/shRNA) expression at Rosa26 locus with loxP-STOP-loxP mediated tissue/cell lineage specificity

    4) Microinjection of customer reagents

    • Pronuclear injection of DNA/RNA/Protein provided by customers
    • Blastocyst injection of ES cells provided by customers

    5) Other services

    • Supply of Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast
    • Cross breeding with Nes-cre etc
    • ES Cell Derivation
    • Supply of pre/post implanted embryos