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Glycosylation Analysis

Many biologics are glycoproteins, consisting of proteins with covalently attached carbohydrate post-translational modifications known as glycans. Glycosylation is critical to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of biologics, modulating immune responses, affecting localization, pharmacokinetics and efficacy. Glycans are highly heterogenous in nature due to differences in branching, anomerism and linkage regioisomerism. As such, specific expertise is required to analyze this class of post-translational modification. Such structural diversity and heterogeneity non-genomic template driven PTM makes glycosylation one of the most challenging to characterize.

The Analytics group in BTI has some of the world’s most advanced equipment and processes for glycan analysis. Our techniques range from profiling and complete characterization of N- and O-linked glycans, glycopeptide characterization, intact glycoprotein profiling to functional glycan or lectin arrays. Our technologies include high-performance instruments such as ABSciex MALDI-TOF-TOF, Waters Xevo UPLC-HILIC-MS, Agilent QToF and the high mass sensitivity accuracy Thermo Orbitrap Fusion; all which are purposed for high resolution glyco-analytics. Some of the services that we can provide include:

  • Released glycan analysis of glycoproteins, cells or tissues
  • Glycopeptide analysis
  • Intact glycoprotein analysis
  • Characterization of glycoepitopes using lectin/glycan arrays


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