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Protein Characterization

Protein characterization is often necessary in research and biologics development to determine the actual amino acid composition and sequence of the protein product, and to examine the post-translation modifications on the proteins which can affect their functions. In research, proteomics is also applied to characterize protein expression profile and quantify protein expression levels in protein mixtures, information that has proven useful in studies of various biological systems.

The Proteomics laboratory in BTI hosts various of mass spectrometers and other instrumentation for protein identification, quantitative protein expression profiling and mapping of post translational modifications. Some of the services that we can provide include:

  • Protein identification by peptide mapping and terminal sequencing
  • Shotgun proteome quantification
  • Post-translational modification and amino acid substitution analysis
  • Disulfide bond analysis
  • Host cell protein identification and quantification
  • 2D Gel electrophoresis


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