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Protein Purification

BTI has a strong Downstream Processing team that can purify mAbs, recombinant proteins and viral vaccine products from small to pilot scale. Our proprietary clarification technology enables the reduction of chromatographic steps and enhances all purification parameters. Our equipment includes ÄKTA chromatography systems at different scales, ÄKTA Crossflow, Semba Octave SMB, Sysmex FPIA3000, DLS, Laser diffraction, Nanosight, ddPCR, ICP-OES, SoloVPE, analytical HPLCs, etc. Some of the services that we can provide are:

  • Purification process development for mAb products
  • Standard purification of mAb for research and preclinical studies
  • Quantification of process and product related impurities:-
    • - CHO host cell protein and DNA
      - Endotoxin
      - mAb aggregation
      - Leached protein A
      - Residual metal ion 

      - Histone
      - Phospholipid
      - RNA
      - Ubiquitin 

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