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BTI will continue to strengthen its cornerstone programmes outlined below. Research spans the generation of novel cell lines and biomolecules; optimization of therapeutics production in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems; expansion and characterization of stem cells; product recovery, purification and analysis; and "–Omics" Technologies

Technologies which BTI has developed to improve bioprocesses and enhance productivity of biopharmaceuticals and stem cells production include:

  • Protein-free, chemically defined media (PF-CDM) for mammalian cells
  • CHO glycosylation mutants
  • Second generation CHO GT (Gene-Targeted) cell lines with enhanced product yield and consistent glycosylation quality
  • Panel of antibodies specific to human embryonic stem cells
  • Microcarrier expansion platform for human embryonic stem cells
  • C-type lectin receptor recombinant proteins and specific antibodies
  • Promoters and secretion signals for Pichia pastoris expression