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Year 2018

    Jong Kwang Hong, Meiyappan Lakshmanan, Chetan Goudar and Dong-Yup Lee (2018) Towards next generation CHO cell line development and engineering by systems approaches. Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering 22: 1–10

    Cai Tong Ng, Li Deng, Chen Chen, Hong Hwa Lim, Jian Shi, Uttam Surana, and Lu Gan (2018) Electron cryotomography analysis of Dam1C/DASH at the kinetochore–spindle interface in situ. Journal of Cell Biology (Published Online)

    Hong-Yeol Choi, Heajin Park, Jong Kwang Hong, Sun-Dal Kim, Jun-Young Kwon, SeungKwan You, Jonghye Do, Dong-Yup Lee, Ha Hyung Kim & Dong-Il Kim (2018) N-glycan Remodeling Using Mannosidase Inhibitors to Increase High-mannose Glycans on Acid α-Glucosidase in Transgenic Rice Cell Cultures. Scientific Reports 8: 16130

    Jong Kwang Hong, Shilpa Nargund, Meiyappan Lakshmanan, Sarantos Kyriakopoulos, Do Yun Kim, Kok Siong Ang, Dawn Leong, Yuansheng Yang and Dong-Yup Lee (2018) Comparative phenotypic analysis of CHO clones and culture media for lactate shift. Journal of Biotechnology 283: 97–104

    Jia Tong Loh, Thomas Jun Feng Lim, Kyoko Ikumi, Takuma Matoba, Baptiste Janela, Merry Gunawan, Tatsuya Toyama, Maegan Bunjamin, Lai Guan Ng, Michael Poidinger, Akimichi Morita, Florent Ginhoux, Sayuri Yamazaki, Kong-Peng Lam, and I-hsin Su (2018) Ezh2 Controls Skin Tolerance through Distinct Mechanisms in Different Subsets of Skin Dendritic Cells. CellPress (Published Online)

    Hossein Tavassoli, Sanaz Naghavi Alhosseini, Andy Tay, Peggy P.Y. Chan, Steve Kah Weng Oh and Majid Ebrahimi Warkiani (2018) Large-scale production of stem cells utilizing microcarriers: A biomaterials engineering perspective from academic research to commercialized products. Biomaterials 181: 333-346

    Qixing Zhong, Filip Laco, Mei-Chih Liao, Tsung Liang Woo, Steve Kah Weng Oh and Christina Li Lin Chai (2018) Influencing the fate of cardiac and neural stem cell differentiation using small molecule inhibitors of ALK5. STEM CELLS Translational Medicine 7(10): 709-720

    R. Kumar, L. Coronel, B. Somalanka, A. Raju, O.A. Aning, O. An, Y.S. Ho, S. Chen, S.Y. Mak, P.Y. Hor, H. Yang, M. Lakshmanan, H. Itoh, S.Y. Tan, Y.K. Lim, A.P.C. Wong, S.H. Chew, T.H. Huynh, B.C. Goh, C.Y. Lim, V. Tergaonkar & C.F. Cheok (2018) Mitochondrial uncoupling reveals a novel therapeutic opportunity for p53-defective cancers. Nature Communications 9: 3931

    Jessna H. M. Yeo, Mariati and Yuansheng Yang (2018) An IRES-Mediated Tricistronic Vector for Efficient Generation of Stable, High-Level Monoclonal Antibody Producing CHO DG44 Cell Lines. Anitbody Engineering 1827: 335-349 (Book Chapter)

    Esmond Lee, Jaichandran Sivalingam, Zhong Ri Lim, Gloryn Chia, Low Gin Shi, Mackenna Roberts, Yuin-Han Loh, Shaul Reuveny and Steve Kah Weng Oh (2018) Review: In vitro generation of red blood cells for transfusion medicine: Progress, prospects and challenges. Biotechnology Advances 36: 2118–2128

    Ian Walsh, Terry Nguyen-Khuong, Katherine Wongtrakul-Kish, Shi Jie Tay, Daniel Chew, Tasha Jose, Christopher H. Taron and Pauline M Rudd (2018) GlycanAnalyzer: Software for Automated Interpretation of N-Glycan Profiles after Exoglycosidase Digestions. Bioinformatics (Published Online)

    Sherwin Ting, Alan Lam, Gerine Tong, Allen Chen, Heming Wei, JianJun Wu, Yue Ning Lam, Shaul Reuveny and Steve Oh (2018) Meticulous optimization of cardiomyocyte yields in a 3-stage continuous integrated agitation bioprocess. Stem Cell Research 31: 161-173

    Srinivasaraghavan Kannan, Gireedhar Venkatachalam, Hong Hwa Lim, Uttam Surana, and Chandra Verma (2018) Conformational landscape of the epidermal growth factor receptor kinase reveals a mutant specific allosteric pocket. Chemical Science 9(23): 5212-5222

    Jennifer Alagu, Yoko Itahana, Faizal Sim, Sheng-Hao Chao, Xuezhi Bi and Koji Itahana (2018) Tumor Suppressor p14ARF Enhances IFN-γ-Activated Immune Response by Inhibiting PIAS1 via SUMOylation. Journal of Immunology 201(2): 451-464

    Reza Moloudi, Steve Oh, Chun Yang, Kim Leng Teo, Alan Tin-Lun Lam, Majid Ebrahimi Warkiani and May Win Naing (2018) Inertial-Based Filtration Method for Removal of Microcarriers from Mesenchymal Stem Cell Suspensions. Scientific Reports 8: 12481

    Tan Heng Liang, Charlene Yong, Tan Bao Zhu, Fong Wey Jia, Jayanthi Padmanabhan, Angela Chin, Vanessa Ding, Ally Lau, Zheng Lu, Bi Xuezhi, Yang Yuansheng, Andre Choo (2018) Conservation of oncofetal antigens on human embryonic stem cells enables discovery of monoclonal antibodies against cancer. Scientific Reports 8: 11608

    Natasha A. Pereira, Kah Fai Chan, Pao Chun Lin and Zhiwei Song (2018) The “less-is-more” in therapeutic antibodies: Afucosylated anti-cancer mAbs for enhanced ADCC. mAbs 10(5): 693-711

    Filip Laco, Tsung Liang Woo, Qixing Zhong, Radoslaw Szmyd, Sherwin Ting, Fahima Jaleel Khan, Christina L. L. Chai, Shaul Reuveny, Allen Chen and Steve Oh (2018) Unraveling the Inconsistencies of Cardiac Differentiation Efficiency Induced by the GSK3β Inhibitor CHIR99021 in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells. Stem Cell Reports 10(6): 1851-1866

    Thomas Allison, Peter Andrews, Yishai Avior, Ivana Barbaric, Nissim Benvenisty, Christoph Bock, Jennifer Brehm, Oliver Brüstle, Ivan Damjanov, Andrew Elefanty, Daniel Felkner, Paul Gokhale, Florian Halbritter, Lyn Healy, Tim Xiaoming Hu, Barbara Knowles, Jeanne Loring, Tenneille Ludwig, Robyn Mayberry, Jameelah S. Mohamed, Suzanne Miacallef, Franz-Josef Müller, Christine Mummery, Norio Nakatsuji, Elizabeth Ng, Steve K. W. Oh, Orla O'Shea, Martin Pera, Benjamin Reubinoff, Paul Robson, Janet Rossant, Bernhard Schuldt, Davor Solter, Koula Sourris, Glyn Stacey, Edouard Stanley, Hirofumi Suemori, Kazutoshi Takahashi, and Shinya Yamanaka (2018) Assessment of established techniques to determine developmental and malignant potential of human pluripotent stem cells. Nature Communications 9(1): 1925

    Reza Moloudi, Steve Oh, Chun Yang, Majid Ebrahimi Warkiani, and May Win Naing (2018) Inertial particle focusing dynamics in a trapezoidal straight microchannel: application to particle filtration. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 22:33

    Esmond Lee, Zhong Ri Lim, Hong Yu-Chen, Bin Xia Yang, Alan Tin-Lun Lam, Allen Kuan-Liang Chen, Jaichandran Sivalingam, Shaul Reuveny, Yuin-Han Loh and Steve Kah-Weng Oh (2018) Defined serum free medium for bioreactor culture of an immortalized human erythroblast cell line. Biotechnology Journal 13(4): e1700567

    K P Myu Mai Ja, Kee Pah Lim, Allen Chen, Sherwin Ting, Shi Qi Li, Nicole Tee, Chrishan Ramachandra, Ashish Mehta, Philip Wong, Steve Oh & Winston Shim (2018) Construction of a Vascularized Hydrogel for Cardiac Tissue Formation in a Porcine Model. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 12(4): e2029-e2038

    Na Gao, Ming Xia, Jingcheng Dai, Dianzhen Yu, Weixing An, Shuyang Li, Shuangyuan Liu, Penghui He, Liping Zhang, Zhenbin Wu, Xuezhi Bi, Shouwen Chen, Daniel H. Haft and Dongru Qiu (2018) Both widespread PEP-CTERM proteins and exopolysaccharides are required for floc formation of Zoogloea resiniphila and other activated sludge bacteria. Environmental Microbiology 20(5): 1677-1692

    Xuezhi Bi, Lijuan Ye, Ally Lau, Yee Jiun Kok, Lu Zheng, Daniel Ng, Kelly Tan, Dave Ow, Edwin Ananta, Christina Vafiadi and Jeroen Muller (2018) Proteomic Profiling of Barley Spent Grains Guides Enzymatic Solubilization of the Remaining Proteins. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 102(9): 4159-4170

    Andy Hee-Meng Tan, Arleen Sanny, Sze-Wai Ng, Ying-Swan Ho, Nurhidayah Basri, Alison Ping Lee & Kong-Peng Lam (2018) Excessive interferon-a signaling in autoimmunity alters glycosphingolipid processing in B cells. Journal of Autoimmunity 89: 53-62

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