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Downstream processing involves purification of next-generation therapeutic molecules for treatment of cancer, infectious disease, regenerative therapy and other important healthcare applications. These therapeutic molecules particularly include recombinant proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, vaccines based on virus and virus-like particles, cellular organelles, and living cells produced by in vitro cell culture. Purification is accomplished with a wide variety of technologies including chromatography, membrane techniques, selective precipitation, and novel hybrid formats.

The Downstream Processing Group (DSP) is particularly focused on innovations aimed at improving global healthcare. These include development of novel purification technology to reduce manufacturing costs, increase productivity, and improve product safety and efficacy. Some of these innovations involve mechanical systems, such as ultrahigh capacity magnetic nanoparticles, non-column fluidized beds, and simulated moving bed chromatography systems.

Others involve development of novel chemical approaches to fractionation, including methods like steric exclusion chromatography, void exclusion ion exchange chromatography, and hydrogen bond chromatography. DSP also plays an integral supporting role in other Institute research programs by developing purification procedures for newly emerging therapeutic candidates


Zhang Wei

Dr. Zhang Wei

PhD in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering (2011), Singapore-MIT Alliance, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Research Focus/Interests
  • Development of novel methods for antibody and virus purification
  • Optimization of purification processes for industrial application

Dr. Ta Duy Tien

PhD in Chemistry (2016), Hasselt University, Belgium

Research Focus/Interests
  • Purification and characterization of therapeutic proteins (antibodies) and viruses (AAV)

Dr. Serene Chen

PhD in Biophysics (2017), University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Research Focus/Interests
  • Development of new approaches for the purification and characterisation of protein therapeutic molecules

Dr. Siew Yin Yin

PhD in Pharmacy (2016), National University of Singapore, Singapore

Research Focus/Interests
  • Biotherapeutics purification and characterization

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