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The Microbial Cells Group aims to develop high yielding processes through engineering of improved vectors and host strains. Utilizing "-omics" based techniques to understand the regulation of metabolism and protein synthesis, the group will work on strategies to enhance product yield and quality in Escherichia coli and Pichia pastoris. The group also has experience developing vectors that couples stringent control of expression with non-chemical induction methods such as hypoxia.

Our research focus creates opportunities to provide expertise and to collaborate with other groups and industry in the production of molecules for proof-of-concept studies. Synergies have already been initiated within BTI to establish antibody fragment and phage production platforms to support the Downstream Processing Group, to explore their use as potential therapeutics and to serve as antigens to raise antibodies.

Working with the Molecular Engineering Laboratory, we express and characterize natural proteinaceous materials that possess intriguing combination of properties not found in synthetic materials. There are also on-going cross-council projects on microbial antibody based biosensors for on-chip diagnostics and rapid detection of cells and therapeutic markers.



Dr. Dave Ow

PhD in Integrative Sciences and Engineering (2007), National University of Singapore, Singapore

Research Focus/Interests
  • Analysis of cellular phospho-signaling and metabolic networks using a systems-level proteomics and transcriptomics approach
  • Development of acoustically driven microfluidic devices for biological applications
  • Metabolic engineering and production of recombinant proteins and DNA plasmids from microbial cells

Dr. Lim Hong Hwa

PhD in Neurochemistry (1991), Institute of Neurology, University of London

Research Focus/Interests
  • Regulation of cell division with specific focus on execution and maintenance of the checkpoint controls
  • Developing yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a cell-based screening tool
    - Engineering yeast strain to study and manipulate metabolic pathways
    - Antibody display in yeast

Dr. Candice Yam

PhD in Biological Sciences (2014), Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, National University of Singapore

Research Focus/Interests
  • Regulation and maintenance of the DNA damage checkpoint pathway in yeast
  • Engineering yeast strains to screen for small molecules against human diseases and cancers

Year 2018

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Year 2017

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Year 2016

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Year 2015

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Year 2014

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Year 2013

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Year 2012

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Year 2011

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Year 2010

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Year 2009

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Year 2008

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