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Biosana Signing Ceremony

BTI-Biosana Joint Laboratory in Continuous Bioprocessing Signing Ceremony

15 November 2019

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BTI-ESCO Aster Signing Ceremony

24 January 2019

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11th Asian Federation of Biotechnology Regional Symposium 2019

23 to 25 January 2019

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BTI-SKKU Workshop on Healthcare and Biotechnology

5 to 6 February 2019

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BTI-Waters Technology Day "Innovations Applied in Omics & Translational Research"

24 July 2019

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Mammalian Systems Biotechnology Workshop

11 August 2016

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BTI Symposium on "The Next Frontier of Glycobiologics" and Presentation of Center of Innovation Award

27 February 2017

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Joint BTI-IMCB-SynCTI Workshop on "Advancing Biopharmaceuticals R&D and Manufacturing through Synthetic Biology"

17 May 2016

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