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About CNRC


To develop an integrated program that understands how food may be used to prevent and manage chronic disease and promote healthy aging.

About Us

The Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC) is a joint initiative between the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences, A*STAR and the National University Health System. The centre specializes in basic and translational human nutrition research involving studies across the life cycle. These include investigating the impact of macro- and micro- and extra- nutrient intake on human physiology, sensory properties, food behaviour and understanding the role of food structure on human nutrition and health.

Research Focus

The centre has 3 broad research themes:

1. Metabolic Impact of food intake

  • Food Structure and physiological outcomes
  • Glycaemia / Glucose metabolism
  • Lipid metabolism
  • Brown Adipose Tissue activation
  • Cardio-metabolic risk factors
  • Food intake and satiety

2. Sensory and Cognitive Influences

  • Cognitive Influences on energy intake
  • Food choice and selection
  • Sensory perception
  • Mastication / Oral processing
  • Texture cues to change eating rate

3. Impact of food on Body Composition and Metabolic Health

  • Partitioning of energy metabolism
  • Changes in body composition after weight loss
  • Impact of weight change on metabolism
  • Insulin sensitivity after weight loss

The Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC)

Clinical Nutrition Research Centre

Centre for Translational Medicine
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