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Dr. Ciarán Forde

Principal Investigator, Nutritional Sensory Sciences


Ciarán Forde is Principal Investigator at the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (A*STAR), and leads research on sensory and ingestive behaviour at the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre. Ciarán received his PhD in Sensory Science from the Department of Nutrition at University College Cork in Ireland before working in the food industry for over ten years at GSK (UK), CSIRO (Australia) and the Nestlé Research Centre (Switzerland). At SICS, Ciarán holds a joint appointment with the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre and is an Associate Professor (Research) in the Dept. Physiology in the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore. Ciarán’s group focuses on the sensory and cognitive influences on energy intake and the subsequent dietary patterns that inform health. The group aims to understand the factors that influence food choice, eating behaviours and sensory factors that influence energy intake within and across meals and the development of food preferences and dietary behaviour in children, adults and elderly.

Research Overview:

The goal of our studies is to better understand how humans learn to select and consume the foods that lead to healthy or unhealthy diets. Our research aims to understand the factors that influence food choice and energy intake in children, adults and elderly. We aim to establish meaningful links between food perception, preference, and intake behaviour and through this understand the regulation of energy intake within and across cultures and at key stages in the life-course. Our aim is to use this knowledge of food choice & intake behaviour to design interventions aimed at improving energy intake regulation and overall health and well-being.


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