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Keri McCrickerd

Senior Research Fellow


I graduated from the University of Bristol with a B.Sc. in Experimental Psychology, and then completed a PhD at the University of Sussex, where I also taught Research Methods to undergraduate Psychology students. Using a combination of cognitive and sensory evaluation studies, measurement of satiety expectations, laboratory based and more naturalistic human feeding studies, my PhD research investigated the idea that certain taste, texture and contextual cues signalling nutrients can optimise the extent to which caloric beverages are i) expected to deliver satiety ii) selected and consumed and iii) actually experienced as satiating post-consumption. As a Research Fellow in the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre I am interested to learn how characteristics of the food we eat (e.g. energy density, macronutrients, sensory characteristics, microstructure) and the individual consuming it (e.g. body composition, genetic factors, personality traits, beliefs and memory function) interact to influence appetite and energy intake, and how this is further shaped by learning and features of the environment.

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