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May Wee Sui Mei

Research Fellow


I have majored in Food Science and Technology since I was 17, starting with a diploma in Singapore Polytechnic, followed by both an undergraduate degree and a PhD with Massey University (New Zealand). I started out with a passion in food product development and sensory science, but through various unexpected events I am now in research, specialising in understanding the molecular behaviours of food biopolymers e.g. proteins and polysaccharides individually and also their interactions with each other. My previous experience with characterising food molecules and structure felt incomplete without translating them into tangible benefits for us, the consumers, in terms of eating experiences, health and wellness. Molecules build structure, and structure builds texture, and texture builds the food. My role in CNRC is therefore to build a bridge between the microscopic world of food molecules, all the way to understanding how these microscopic elements could make a difference in terms of the way we eat the food or digest them for nutrients.

Molecular characterisation by rheology, texture analysis, CSLM, SEM, HPLC/GC-MS, NMR, UV-VIS, colorimetric assays
In-vitro digestion, in-vivo animal studies

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