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Stefan Camps

Senior Research Fellow


I graduated from the Maastricht University with a B.Sc. in Molecular Life Sciences and a M.Sc in Clinical Molecular Science. In 2015 I completed my PhD there at the department of Human Biology under supervision of Prof. Klaas Westerterp and Prof. Edwin Mariman. The research performed during this period is described in his PhD-thesis entitled ‘How humans economize, energy restriction and energy restriction’. It focused on changes in energy expenditure and physical activity as a result of energy intake restriction. Additionally, these changes were linked to changes in 1) glucose and fatty acid metabolism in fat cells, 2) plasma leptin levels and 3) single nucleotide polymorphisms previously associated with obesity, in order to unravel part of the underlying pathways of these adaptations. As a research fellow at the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre I am involved in studies related to energy metabolism and the application of the whole body calorimeters in the team of Prof. Christiani Jeyakumar Henry. Examples of the current studies include: a) understanding metabolic flexibility b) studying food ingredients with regard to diet induced thermogenesis and c) quantifying energy expenditure of household activities. Future plans include research on how the body modulates energy expenditure in the face of over- and underfeeding.

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