About DSI

Corporate Profile


To establish Singapore as a R&D center of excellence in data system technologies.


To develop and transfer research capabilities and talent.


To be a vital node in a global community of knowledge creation and innovation, nurturing research talents and capabilities for world class R&D in next generation technologies.

Core Competencies

Core competencies form the base for both basic and applied research, enabling DSI to stay in the forefront of research and to collaborate closely with the industry. Collaborations take various forms including single-partner ventures, multi-partner consortia, pre-competitive research, joint laboratories, failure analysis and product design and prototyping.

Spearheading World Class R&D

Spearheading world class R&D in next generation data system technologies, DSI is well-positioned to lead and support the growth of the data system ecosystem in Singapore. With core competencies in data center, non-volatile memories, photonic and quantum technologies, DSI is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for advanced R&D as well as system design and prototyping.


The Data Storage Institute (DSI) was established in April 1997 through the expansion of the Magnetics Technology Center founded in July 1992 by the Agency for Science, Technology & Research, or A*STAR (then known as the National Science & Technology Board) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). DSI is a member of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore.

Research Talents and Skilled Manpower

Nurturing talents is one of the most important missions of DSI. DSI is committed in training both postgraduate and undergraduate students by working with local and foreign universities. DSI also recruits many post-doctoral graduates in various fields for our research workforce. Young talents here work in a multi-racial, multi-national environment under experienced senior staff, and in world class laboratories and cleanroom facilities. They will be given challenging research works in order to be trained to be well-qualified researchers.

Students and post-doctoral graduates are welcome to write in for positions in DSI.

Upstream Research Activities with Academia

DSI establishes research partnerships and tie-ups with renowned universities and institutes worldwide. The research collaborations mainly focus on advanced and fundamental topics in data system technologies. Experts and professors are also invited to DSI to deliver workshops and seminars, and to exchange new ideas and collaborate with researchers here. 

State-of-the-art Equipment and Facilities in DSI

To enable tomorrow’s data system technologies to become reality, DSI is continuously upgrading its research equipment and capabilities, which include well-equipped laboratories and cleanrooms, having a wide range of characterization, nanofabrication and analysis tools. These cover the entire spectrum from customized R&D equipment for specific applications, to mass-production capable tools to support industrial process development and technology transfer. The latest additions include a 400 m2 cleanroom for nano-photonics integration, as well as several 300mm-capable tools with automation robotics, such as a 20-target Timaris for advanced non-volatile memories production. DSI also has several 300mm wafer compatible analytical tools such as TOF-SIMS 5-300 for advanced surface/interface analysis and FEI DA300 integrated FIB/STEM for automated TEM lamella creation. These capabilities allow DSI to undertake challenges in both fundamental sciences, as well as research for near-term manufacturing technologies for maximum impact and benefit to the data system industry.