About DSI

Management Team

The Director's Office

The Director's Office oversees the overall strategic planning and the smooth execution of DSI's development plans, including providing crucial directional guidance to the Research & Development divisions, as well as implementing corporate initiatives and activities.


    DSI Executive Committee (EXCO) has been appointed to oversee operations at the DSI and to undertake the responsibilities of the function of the RI ED.

    Dr Hazel Khoo
    Deputy Executive Director,
    Science and Engineering
    Research Council (SERC)

    Dr Tan Yong Tsong
    Interim CEO,
    new A*STAR spin off

    Prof Lye Kin Mun
    Chief Risk Officer,

    Dr Thomas Liew
    Executive Director,
    National Metrology
    Centre (NMC)

    • Director, Strategic Operations

    Dr Beng Cheah

    O: +65 6714 9338
    F:  +65 6250 3658
    E: bengcheah@dsi.a-star.edu.sg


    • Director, Corporate Planning & Services 

    Ms Chrystine Woon

    O: +65 6714 9037
    F: +65 6250 3658
    E: chrystine_woon@dsi.a-star.edu.sg 

Research & Development

Industry Development 

The Industry Development department supports and facilitates industrial collaborations, as well as co-ordinates projects and services with companies.  


    • Covering Division Manager, Industry Development

    Mr Ryan Tay

    O: +65 6714 9185
    F:  +65 6250 3658
    E: Ryan_Tay@hq.a-star.edu.sg