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Data Storage Institute plays a role as a vital node in a global community of knowledge generation and innovation, nurturing research talents and capabilities for world-class R&D in next generation storage technologies. Research activities in DSI span across conceptual, experimental, analytical simulation and studies. We invite you to build your career with us!

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  • Appointment Schemes
  • Opportunities for Academic and Scientific Community

Appointment Schemes

There are three schemes of appointment:

  • Research Scientists and Engineers Scheme (RSE):
    Research candidates must have at least a Ph.D degree by Research with three years experience.

  • Research and Technical Support Scheme (RTS):
    Polytechnic diploma holders, Bachelor and Masters degree holders are invited to apply under this scheme for technical positions.

  • Corporate Services Scheme (CS):
    Successful candidates are appointed to positions pertaining to administrative or information technology support under this scheme.

Opportunities for Academic and Scientific Community

Interested members of the academia and scientific community are welcomed to join us in our research work as a Visiting Professor if you are based outside Singapore. Members of the academia who are based locally may join us as a Faculty Associate. Please write in to us for more details.