Industry Collaborations

Success Stories

Enabling Tomorrow’s Storage Technologies, DSI has forged a solid track record of research collaborations with industry partners and in transferring Intellectual Properties and capabilities to SMEs.

Mirroring Success! 

Trinax has always been in the forefront of marketing technology and their objective is to supply cutting edge marketing technologies to the advertising and media industry. One of their stunning innovations is the TRI-M® - Mirror. 
TRI-M® combines the practical function of a mirror with real-time, advertising and information displays, personalised with information that is relevant to them. This is a great tool for advertisers as the interactive display platform can now reach out to consumers like never before. 

The concept itself was great, however the team needed some help to refine the working prototype and they approached DSI for assistance. There were many issues to be addressed with the prototype, primarily the wiring system had to be optimised and the prototype had to clear the ingress-protection test before it can be certified for commercial use. 

Through a 9-month T-UP collaboration with Trinax, DSI’s secondee, Mr Ng Lung Tat from the Drive Systems & Technology division, successfully transferred his skills in the area of product design and fabrication to further improve the prototype. DSI had assisted the company in the area of design optimisation and product fabrication. With the optimised fabrication flow, Trinax was able to reduce its manufacturing cost yet meet the specifications required by the industry. 

The collaboration was a success and here is what Trinax’s CTO, Zack Lim has to say: 
“Trinax has gained the confidence to design and produce other products sharing some similar components that are up to rigorous industrial standards. This includes digital tables that are spill and impact-resistant, as well as standing kiosks that are weather-proof.”

Hitachi Asia – Hitachi SDL - DSI

Plog-In Platform Software (Data Center)

DSI’s partnership with Hitachi SDL started in late 2007 where both parties forged a research collaboration to gather, analyze and create interesting applications on consumer data. As a result, the Plog-in Platform (PiP) software for mobile phones was unveiled in 2009 during the MOBiE-ODAI Contest.

Attracting teams from Singapore Polytechnics and Universities to vie for the top prize, the MOBiE-ODAI Contest challenges participants to showcase their creativity in idea generation and software development to create applications using the PiP software.

With mobile devices getting smarter every day, PiP is a personal log storage system that can collect and store a user’s personal activity over a lifetime automatically and transparently into mobile devices.

“Hitachi Asia is proud to choose Singapore as the premier location for this contest. The MOBiE-ODAI contest is in line with Hitachi’s pioneering spirit because it challenges participants to be creative, innovative and resourceful in exploring the use of technology to connect personal information to the real and internet world. We encourage participants to build powerful software applications and unique application ideas. We also hope that this contest can be a platform to help uncover high-caliber talents in engineering,” said Mr Toshio Toda, Managing Director of Hitachi Asia.

“Mobile devices have become an essential item for everyone now. Pushing the edge in the way we use these devices is extremely exciting. DSI is very pleased to be part of this event which encourages the creation of applications for next-generation technology,” said Professor Chong Tow Chong, Executive Director, DSI

Figure: A visualization of the PiP software which collects your personal activity logs (Plogs) and connects them (Plog-in) to web services on the Internet world while giving you a full control of your Plogs.

Solves - DSI

Nanoimprinter (Hard Disk Media Mass Production) / Nanoimprinting Technology for Bit Patterned Media

Singapore’s precision equipment manufacturer Solves Innovative Technology Pte Ltd (Solves) teamed up with DSI and IMRE to build a machine capable of producing nanometer size components and in wafer-scale volumes, for a host of applications in consumer electronics such as hard disk media and optical storage media.

Solves’ Nanoimprinter:

DSI’s hard disk media technologies were licensed to Solves Innovative Technology to design a production-grade nanoimprint system for the manufacturing of patterned media for hard disk drives, together with IMRE’s nanoimprint lithography.

The prototype significantly improved conventional nanoimprinting processes with its new features such as:

  1. Double-sided imprinting to reduce processing time,
  2. Customized dosing system, and;
  3. Imprinting in vacuum to prevent air bubbles, for more accurate patterning.

This system makes use of IMRE’s technology in nanoimprint lithography to create a process for making complex, 3-dimensional nanometer structures. The system also utilizes a joint DSI-Solves invention that spreads the resist on the substrates.

Mr. Koh Teng Hwee, Managing Director of Solves Innovative Technology said, “The collaboration with IMRE and DSI has accelerated the development of this tool without having to start from scratch. The nanoimprint and recording media research expertise of IMRE and DSI had significantly facilitated the design of the prototype. We were also able to tap on IMRE’s advanced measurement and characterization equipment that we might otherwise have to buy.”


In-Vehicle Event Management System (Consumer Device)

DSI’s expertise in protecting hard disk in vibration environment and know-hows in firmware and software development led to the commercialization of the In-Vehicle Event Management System (IVEMS). Tying up with Singapore SME KAI Square Pte Ltd in a licensing agreement to enter the US$3 Billion global DVR market, one of DSI’s main missions is to transfer technology and aid local enterprises.

Figure: A screen of the playback software used in IVEMS

IVEMS is an advanced, multi-channel, mobile digital wireless-enabled video surveillance system. It makes use of proprietary firmware design and software algorithms to ensure video data integrity and system reliability. IVEMS is capable of recording ‘24/7’ and can store up to 30 days of video surveillance data.

The IVEMs complements KAI Square’s central management portal, Juzz4logistics, an award-winning, total turnkey solution for real-time surveillance needs in the logistics and transportation industries. This service rides on the cutting-edge mobile internet technology to help fleet operators effectively manage their fleet of vehicles through the use of real-time, information transfer. When coupled with IVEMS, KAI Square’s Juzz4Logistics promises to deliver, to the fleet operators, the highest standards of communication between the fleet operators' control centers and their vehicles.

“KAI Square has been looking for suitable front end devices to complement its advanced central management portal and DSI’s IVEMS, will offer more functionalities and help to cut short integration efforts required at our side, thus, saving costs in the long run,” added Dr. Neo Shi Yong, Chief Executive Officer of KAI Square.