Key R&D Areas

Research Focus

We perform world class research on integrated photonics spanning design, fabrication and testing.  Our research includes the development of a generic integration platform and high-performance photonic devices for applications in data communication, optical interconnect and sensing.

Integrated photonics infrastructure 


Heterogeneous III-V on silicon integration platform for system-on-chip:

Our work on heterogeneously integrated III-V optoelectronic devices on silicon photonic circuits through wafer bonding can enable photonic system-on-chip technology on a full wafer-scale. The bonding technologies include direct wafer bonding, dielectric interlayer bonding and BCB bonding. The team has also developed a new heterogeneous Si/III-V integration structure with an ultra-compact optical vertical interconnects access (VIA) between the III-V layer and the silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguide layer. We are amongst the few groups in the world that successfully demonstrated electrically pumped III-V laser integrated on a passive SOI waveguide circuit.

Following this success, the team is currently working towards the applications in transceivers (>40GHz), mid -IR sensing and LIDAR.



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