R&D Achievements

Staff Achievements

International Awards

Year Winner Award
 2016  Dr Arseniy Kuznetsov 
"For his outstanding contributions to research in the field of Lasers and Optoelectronics, as well as pioneering research on dielectric nanoantennas"
IET A F Harvey Engineering Research Prize 2016
 2016  Prof Boris Lukiyanchuk
"For his outstanding contributions in modern physical optics, plasmonics, nanophotonics and modern theoretical physics related to laser-matter interaction done in Singapore"
World Scientific Physics Research Award and Gold Medal 2016
 2014  Shengkai Yu
"Operational Shock Response of Ultrathin Hard Disk Drives"
ISPS 2014
Best Paper award
 2011  Ms Naganivetha Thiyagarajah (NUS),Dr Joel K.W. Yang (IMRE), Dr Huigao Duan (IMRE), Dr Yunjie Chen (DSI), Mr Tianli Huang (DSI), Dr Siang Huei Leong (DSI) & Dr Vivian Ng (NUS)
"Angled Media Deposition Effects on the Magnetic and Structural Properties of Pre-patterned Substrates for Bit Patterned Media Applications"
ICMAT Best Poster Award
2009 Dr Chan Kheong Sann
“The Parallel Software Channel and Servo Platform for 1-10Tb/in2”
INSIC Technical Achievement Award
2008 Dr Zhang Qi De, Mr Albert Tan Chok Shiong, Dr Kannan Sundaravadivelu, Miss Maria Anastasia Sariadi, Mr Chin Gim Loeng & Dr Yip Teck Hong
“Mitigation of Flow Induced Vibration of Head Gimbal Assembly”
ISPS 2008 Best Track Paper Award
2007 Dr Bi Chao, Dr Hla Nu Phyu & Mr Soh Cheng Su
“Study of a Spindle Motor Starting Using Circuit-Field Direct Coupled System”
ICEMS 2007 Outstanding Paper Award
2007 Dr Shi Luping, Dr Zhao Rong, Dr Lee Hock Koon, Dr Hong Minghui & Prof Chong Tow Chong
"Investigation of the Interface Effects of Superlattice-Like Ge2Sb2Te5/ Nitrogen Doped Ge2Sb2Te5"
ICMAT Best Poster Award
2006 Dr Han Guchang, Miss Tan Ei Leen, Mr Zong Baoyu, Dr Guo Zaibing, Mr Li Kebin, Dr Zheng Yuankai, Dr Qiu Jinjun, Mr Liu Zhiyong, Miss Wang Li, Miss Luo Ping, Miss An Lihua, Mr Tan Seng Ghee, Mr Leong Zuanyi, Dr Liu Bo, Dr Wu Yihong (NUS), Dr Mao Sining (Seagate)
"Temperature dependence of thermally activated ferromagnetic resonance in tunneling magnetoresistive heads"
APDCS 2006 Outstanding Poster Award
2006 Prof Chong Tow Chong, Dr Zhao Rong, Dr Shi Luping, Dr Yang Hongxin, Mr Lee Hock Koon and Mr Lim Kian Guan
"Superlattice-like Phase Change Random Access Memory"
E*PCOS 2006 Best Paper Presentation Award
2005 Dr Zhao Rong
"Study of Geometric Effect on Phase Change Random Access Memory" 2005 Dr Liu Bo,
NVMTS 2005 Best Paper Award
2005 Dr Liu Bo, Dr Zhang Mingsheng & Mr Leonard Gonzaga
“Ultra-low flying femto slider for extremely high density magnetic data storage”
INSIC Technical Achievement Award
2004 Dr Zheng Yuankai
“Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM)”
Technology Review (TR-100) World's Top 100 Innovators

National Day Awards

Year Winner Award
2007 Prof Mark Kryder
Chairman of DSI's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
Public Service Medal [Pingat Bakti Masyarakat (PMB)]
2004 Prof Chong Tow Chong
Executive Director, Data Storage Institute
Public Administration Medal (Silver) [Pingat Pentadbiran Awam (Perak)]

National Awards

Year Winner/s Award
 2017  Dr Anjan Soumyanarayanan and Anibal Gonzalez
“HPC-simulated materials platform for tunable room temperature magnetic Skyrmions accelerates development of non-volatile memory technologies”
 NSCC Outstanding HPC Scientific Award
 2015  Dr Yu Shengkai, Dr Hua Wei, Dr Zhou Weidong and Mr Myo Kyaw Sett
“ABSolution: Advanced Software Package for Nanometer Spaced Head-Disk Interface Design and Simulation”
 IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 
 2013 Prof Boris Luk'yanchuk
Division Manager, Advanced Concepts & Nanotechnology
 President's Science Award
 2011 Dr An Chengwu
Senior Scientist, Optical Materials & Storage
 Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-Up) Excellence Award
2008 Mr Tan Chun Chia
"Breaking the Limits of Phase Change Random Access Memory – The Future Non-Volatile Memory"
Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award (Silver)
2008 Dr Wang Chen Chen, Mr Zong Baoyu, Miss An Lihua, Miss Luo Ping, Mr Yeo Wee Kay, Dr Qiu Jinjun, Dr Guo Zaibin & Dr Han Guchang
"Current-Perpendicular-to-Plane Spin Valves with Confined Current Paths for Ultrahigh-Density Magnetic Recording"
3rd MRS-S Conference on Advanced Materials, 2008 Best Poster Award
2006 Dr Yuan Zhimin, Dr Leong Siang Huei & Mr Ng Kawei
“Nanometer spacing measurement between head and media”
IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award
2006 Miss Tay Maureen, Dr Wu Yihong, Dr Han Guchang, Prof Chong Tow Chong & Dr Zheng Yuankai
"Growth and Characterisation of Cobalt doped Zinc Oxide Films"
2nd MRS-S Conference on Advance Materials Poster Award
2006 Dr Bi Chao, Dr Jiang Quan & Dr Lin Song
“Advanced micro motor technologies used in hard disk drive and miniaturized mechatronic systems”
National Technology Award
2005 Dr Chen Jingsheng
“Nanocluster beam deposition technology for the synthesis of nanostructure materials”
Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award (Commendation)
2005 Dr Liu Bo, Dr Zhang Mingsheng & Mr Leonard Gonzaga
“Ultra-low flying height technology at sub-3nm”
National Technology Award
2004 Dr Hong Minghui, Prof Boris Lukyanchuk, Ms Wang Weijie and Dr An Chengwu
“Advanced Laser Microfabrication and Nanoengineering Technology”
IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award
2004 Dr Shi Luping, Dr Miao Xiang Shui & Mr Tan Pik Kee
“Superlattice-like Rewriteable Phase Change Optical Disk”
National Technology Award
2003 Dr Liu Bo, Mr Leonard Gonzaga, Dr Zhang Mingsheng and Ms Hor Yuet Sim
“3.5 nm Flying Height Slider for Terabyte Capacity Data Storage”
Singapore Innovation Award