R&D Capabilities


State-of-The-Art Equipment and Facility in DSI

To enable tomorrow’s storage technologies, DSI is continuously upgrading its research equipment and capabilities, which include well-equipped laboratories and cleanrooms with a wide range of nanofabrication, characterization and analysis tools. The equipment range from customized R&D machinery to support basic research, to mass-production-capable tools to support industrial process development and technology transfer.

These capabilities enable DSI to undertake research in both fundamental sciences and near-term manufacturing technologies for maximum impact and benefit to the storage industry.

The facility is accessible to DSI’s research and industry partners on either long-term project-based collaborations or short-term service-based engagement. The Engineering Operations Division (EO) provides and manages services under the SERC Nano Fabrication, Processing, Characterization (SnFPC) facility where users can be trained and authorized to self-access the tools. The SnFPC facility also provides service-oriented support, where users engage DSI’s staff/engineers to perform work on their behalf. In addition to this facility, DSI has the Materials Science Lab (MSL) which provides and manages services related to failure analysis, surface/chemical analysis, thin film and magnetic characterization.
Latest additions to DSI's facilities include a 400 m2 cleanroom for nano-electrophotonics integration, as well as several production-grade, fully-automated 300mm-capable tools, such as the 23-target Singulus Timaris, the 5 Tesla MRT5000 magnetic annealing tool for advanced non-volatile memories and hard disk read sensor production. DSI also has a FEI DA300 integrated FIB/STEM for automated lamella creation of 300mm wafers, and the new 200kV Tecnai F20X TEM.

These capabilities allow DSI to undertake challenges in both fundamental sciences, as well as research for near-term manufacturing technologies for maximum impact and benefit to the data storage industry.