R&D Capabilities

Process Capabilities

Data Storage Institute has the infrastructure, process capabilities and skilled engineers for Thin-film & Device Fabrication (in particular novel materials and non-volatile memory device integration), Nano-photonic Integration, HDD Components Fabrication (HDD Media and Slider), and HDD Systems Integration.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of equipment available in the Institute.

For the latest brochure and equipment details of SnFPC@DSI Capabilities, click here

For tools not described in the brochure, please click on the link on each equipment name to access its detailed description.

 A. Lithography

200mm wafer capabilities

Canon EX5 FPA3000 (248nm) DUV Scanner 

SVG 90S Spin Coat/Develop Track

Elionix ELS7000 100kV Electron Beam Lithography
EVG 6200 Infinity Contact Mask Aligner

HMDS Coater

100mm wafer capabilities

Eco-Snow WaferClean 2100 (CO2 Clean)

B. Plasma Etching

200mm wafer capabilities

Advance Dielectric Etcher (SPTS LPX ICP SR)    (Deep Si etch)

Chemically-Assisted Ion Beam Etcher (Oxford Instruments Ionfab300 Plus-LC)
ICP-Cl Etcher (Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro 100 Cobra)      (Si / III-V etch)
ICP-F Etcher (Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro 100 Cobra)       (General purpose / Metal etch)


100mm wafer capabilities

Veeco Ion Beam System (Microtech RF350)
Veeco Ion Beam Etch (Microetch 1201)


C. Thin Film Deposition

200mm wafer capabilities

Plasma-enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PicoSun SUNALE R-200 UHV) 

Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition (Cambridge Nanotech Savannah 200 / Ultratech)
Electron Beam / Thermal Evaporator (Angstrom Engineering Evovac)
Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (Oxford Instruments Optofab 300)
ICP-CVD (Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro System100 HDPECVD380)
Ionized PVD and Co-Sputtering (Singulus Rotaris / Timaris platform)

UHV Sputtering: AJA International ATC-2200-UHV


100mm wafer capabilities

Sputtering: Bestec Chiron UHV Sputter (STT-MRAM and magnetic materials)
Filtered-Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) Multi-Coating System
Pulsed Laser Deposition

D. Annealing and Oxidation

200mm wafer capabilities

3-Tube Horizontal Thermal Furnace Stack (First Nano EasyTube 6000)
Rapid Thermal Annealing (Jipelec JetFirst 200C)


100mm wafer capabilities

 Magnetic Vacuum Annealing Oven (Futek, 2 Tesla)


E. Process Characterization Tools

Atomic Force Microscope (Veeco Dimension 3100)
Surface Profiler and Thin Film Stress measurement (KLA-Tencor P-16+)

For more characterization tools, please refer to the SnFPC@DSI brochure here 


F. Production-grade process tools for Advanced HDD Media @ Ayer Rajah Crescent

 HDD Media Sputter Deposition (Intevac 200 Lean Gen 2)

 UHV Sputter
 Oblique Sputtering System

Complete HDD Media Post Process and Characterization process line (some examples are as follows):
Alternating Gradient Force Magnetometer (AGM)
Optical Surface Analyzer (Candela 6100 & 6300)
Polar Kerr System (MOKE)
Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (Lakeshore VSM 7307) 

G. Production-grade tools for HDD slider fabrication and HGA Integration

Crown lapping
Diamond Cup Grinder
Dicing Machine
Fly Height Tester
Lapping Machine with Electronic Lapping Guide
Quasi-Static Tester (MRB)
3D Optical Surface Profiler

Who to Contact:
Mr Timothy Ang
Division Manager, EO
E: ANG_Tien_Sze@dsi.a-star.edu.sg