About Us

Who are we

We are a publicly-funded national platform for drug discovery and development, hosted by A*STAR.

What we do

We translate great science in Singapore to great medicines, with a focus on Asian prevalent diseases. We work with academic researchers and clinicians, regulators and tech transfer offices across Singapore to enable this.

We also partner with local biotechs to help nurture the biotech scene in Singapore, and we work with biopharmaceutical companies to advance our portfolio assets.

Our Governance
EDDC is guided by a Portfolio Review Committee that advises on EDDC’s R&D portfolio (projects and platforms). Reporting to the governing board, the PRC evaluates EDDC’s project milestones, timelines and deliverables and provide recommendations for selecting, managing and funding of portfolio of projects.


Dear Visitor,

I am delighted you have taken time to visit our website. I have the privilege and honour of leading a group of more than 100 multidisciplinary scientists and clinicians with world class expertise in chemistry related fields, large molecule research, small molecule biology platforms, diagnostic development, biomarker qualification, and exploratory clinical development.

EDDC fosters multidisciplinary efforts to commercialise biomedical R&D by working with all key players in the Singaporean Drug Discovery and Development Ecosystem. These include A*STAR Research Institutes, Universities, Hospitals, Phase 1 units, Regulatory Authority (HSA), Multinational Pharma, Biotech’s, Research Foundations & CRO's.

EDDC also provides feedback, education, and training for discovery and translational researchers to improve and build their knowledge and experience in Drug Discovery & Development.

Our core values are operating to the highest standards of scientific and clinical rigor and quality; behaving with integrity and impartiality; promoting research, innovation, having openness to change and a disposition to continual learning; treating stakeholders and each other with dignity and respect at all times.

Ultimately we are about leveraging great science to make great medicines for patients.

Best wishes,

Damian O'Connell, MD BSc PhD
CEO Experimental Drug Development Centre
A*STAR - Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore