10 November 2021 | The (Wnt)ing way: Fighting cancer with ETC-159 | EDDC News
A review of ETC-159 thus far

18 August 2021 | EDDC and NTUC develop novel drug candidates to combat deadly, ancient disease | EDDC News
EDDC and NTU develop potential drug candidates against tuberculosis

10 August 2021 | EDDC discovers small molecule inhibitors for COVID-19 and other coronavirus infections | A*STAR News
EDDC discovers small molecules that are effective against SARS-CoV-2 and other coronavirus strains

19 July 2021 | Structural model of PORCN illuminates disease-associated variants and drug binding sites | BioRxiv
Pre-print of paper on findings from PORCN structural model

05 May 2021 | EDDC and Hummingbird Bioscience enter into partnership to co-develop novel antibodies for cancer treatment| A*STAR news
Press Release announcing collaboration between Hummingbird Bioscience and EDDC to develop anti-cancer therapeutic antibody program

21 April 2021 | GenScript ProBio enters collaboration with Singapore Experimental Drug Development center (EDDC) to develop anti-fibrosis therapeutic antibody program | Cision: PR Newswire
Press Release announcing collaboration between GenScript ProBio and EDDC to develop anti-fibrosis therapeutic antibody program.

5 February 2021 | MTI Second Minister, Dr. Tan See Leng, visits EDDC| EDDC news
Summary of MTI Second Minister’s visit to EDDC

12 January 2021 | Scientists uncover how the Wntless protein carries Wnts in its signalling pathways | PhysOrg
Crucial insights into Wnt signaling pathways uncovered

04 January 2021 | Ligature Therapeutics launches, raises USD $6M in seed financing | GlobeNewswire
EDDC’s first spin-off, Ligature Therapeutics, raises USD 6M in seed financing


21 December 2020 | Experimental drug development centre launches spin-off to develop targeted protein degraders for treating intractable diseases |Bio Specturm
EDDC launches first spin-off – Ligature Therapeutics

16 November 2020 | Covid-19 and their role in war against pandemic | The Straits Times
Contributed by Dr. Damian O’ Connell and Dr. David Lye

14 November 2020 | A Japanese who supported the development of PCR test kits in Singapore. How was it possible to increase kit production in its early days?| The Asahi Shimbun (online)
An interview with Dr. Masafumi Inoue

26 October 2020 | The Fc-mediated effector functions of a potent SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody, SC31, isolated from an early convalescent COVID-19 patient, are essential for the optimal therapeutic efficacy of the antibody | bioRxviv Preprint Server for Biology
Pre-print paper contributed by EDDC CEO and staff

30 September 2020 | Singapore’s EDDC to discover new AI-driven COVID-19 therapies| BioSpectrum (Asia Edition)
Collaboration with AI pharmaceutical specialist, Auransa, to develop new COVID-19 therapies

29 August 2020 | Pandemic powering demand for Singapore's pharma exports| The Straits Times
Update on biopharma scene in Singapore and EDDC’s potential role

30 July 2020 | Made-in-Singapore cancer drug ETC-159 advances further in clinical trials| ACN Newswire –
New developmental milestone achieved for EDDC drug product

27 July 2020 | The fast track to a ‘Fortitude Kit’ for rapid diagnosis| Medical Xpress
Co-development of Singapore’s first RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic kit by Dr. Masafumi Inoue

9 February 2020 | Coronavirus: Made-in-Singapore diagnostics test implemented in hospitals here| The Straits Times
Implementation of coronavirus diagnostic kit co-developed by EDDC in public hospitals


19 September 2019 | September 2019 BRACE award competition | AFCR webpage
EDDC project on ETC-159 awarded winner at the first ever BRACE Award Venture Competition

The A*STAR Experimental Drug Development Centre’s (EDDC) project on ETC-159, a novel small molecule drug candidate for colorectal cancer and other solid tumours was selected as the winner of the inaugural Bridging Research from Academia to Cancer Entrepreneurship (BRACE) competition in September 2019. The project was presented by EDDC Chief Development Officer, Dr Joel Leong. This competition was launched by the Asian Fund for Cancer Research (AFCR), a non-profit organisation committed to curing cancers that have significant impact on Asian populations. Click here to find out more about the 2019 BRACE competition.brace-award

26 June 2019 | National platform launched to boost Singapore’s drug development efforts | A*STAR Publicity Highlights
Official opening ceremony of EDDC

On 26 June, Mr Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, and Chairman of the National Research Foundation (NRF) officially opened the Experimental Drug Development Centre (EDDC), a national platform for drug discovery and development to channel high potential drug candidates toward commercial and clinical outcomes. The new centre integrates A*STARs Experimental Therapeutics Centre (ETC), the Drug, Discovery and Development (D3) unit, and the Experimental Biotherapeutics Centre (EBC) and will build on the combined capabilities we have developed over the years to support our partners in efforts to discover and develop innovative medicines. Click here to read the full article.      


19 December 2018 | AUM Biosciences licenses cancer drug from A*STAR| AsianScientist
Biotech firm obtained global rights to selective anticancer drug developed by ETC

04 December 2018 | AUM Biosciences acquires novel anti-cancer drug| BioSpectrum (Asia Edition)
Biotech firm obtained global rights to selective anticancer drug developed by ETC

09 March 2017 | Made-in-Singapore drug for blood cancer to be tested | The Straits Times
Clinical trials for ETC-206 will test up to 34 healthy volunteers
01 September 2016 | Made-in-Singapore kit can test for 3 viruses, including Zika, in 2 hours | The Straits Times
Global interest garnered with diagnostic kit that costs just a few dollars to produce

09 March 2017 | Small molecule drug could prevent kidney fibrosis | AsianScientist
ETC-159 in phase I clinical trials for colorectal, ovarian and pancreatic cancers
20 July 2015 | Made-in-Singapore cancer drug advances to clinical trials | AsianScientist
ETC-159 jointly developed by ETC, D3 and Duke-NUS

16 July 2016 | Singapore-made cancer drug enters clinical trials | The Straits Times
First publicly-funded cancer drug candidate advances to first-in-human trials

16 July 2015 | Singapore develops novel cancer drug candidate | BioSpectrum (AsiaEdition)
Locally developed drug, ETC-159, targets range of cancers like colorectal, ovarian and pancreatic