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The Target Translation Consortium (TTC) brings together the resources and expertise of Singapore’s public research entities to facilitate the preclinical validation of putative drug targets arising from publicly-funded research. 

The TTC aims to inform investigators earlier and better about the drug development potential of their proposed target, by helping investigators to:

o Establish a stronger, causal link between the target and disease pathogenesis
o Demonstrate that target modulation can lead to the desired therapeutic effect

This enhances opportunities for future funding or partnership opportunities around these targets and increases the chances for success in drug discovery.

From 2021-2025, the TTC will be integrated with the Singapore Therapeutics Development Review (STDR) to provide streamlined and coordinated support to investigators with promising drug discovery projects.


Target validation provides critical information about whether a putative target is viable for therapeutic development. Watch our video below to understand how preclinical target validation can increase your chances of success in drug discovery.

Considerations in Drug Discovery

View our video series here to understand other key considerations in drug discovery, shared by practitioners in the field.

Topics covered include: 
The importance of target validation in drug discovery
Defining the unmet need
Preclinical target validation: how not to be wrong (William G. Kaelin’s lecture, shared from NIH VideoCast)
In-vitro biochemical and biophysical assays for target validation
Cell-based reporter assays for target validation
Small molecule drug discovery: a Medicinal Chemist’s perspective
Discovery and development of bio-therapeutics
Considerations in the development of cell therapy
In-vivo models in drug development

Call for Targets

The TTC’s annual “Call for Targets” seeks to solicit promising drug targets arising from Singapore’s publicly-funded research. This Call has been merged with the Singapore Therapeutics Development Review (STDR)’s since 2021. Refer to the STDR webpage for more info and for application forms. 


The TTC Difference

The TTC will provide all proposals received with confidential, constructive reviews from interdisciplinary perspectives. Drug discovery scientists will be designated to work with investigators of shortlisted projects to develop a workplan of validation experiments which are aimed at generating more convincing evidence of whether the target should be considered for a drug discovery campaign. Collaborations will be fostered so that relevant cross-institutional capabilities and expertise can be applied, where relevant.

“The workplan development was a very supportive process that helped to refine the original proposal especially in terms of a adjusting to a drug development mind set – very helpful and much appreciated!” 
– TTC-supported investigator, 2021


Investigators with completed TTC projects should have projects that are better positioned for competitive grants, particularly the Singapore Therapeutic Development Review. Successfully completed TTC projects will be reviewed by a TTC Expert Panel, and may be invited to directly submit a full proposal to the STDR’s Pilot Stage. Investigators are also free to explore partnerships with industry or the Experimental Drug Development Centre, and to publish.



The TTC’s 2022 Call will open on 12th September 2022 as the “Pre-Pilot Stream 1” of the Singapore Therapeutics Development Review (STDR). Please refer to the STDR webpage for more information. The webpage will be updated closer to the opening of the call.

If you have questions about the TTC, please reach out to your institution's TTC representative, as listed below.

Duke-NUS David Wang, Director, Centre of Technology and Development (CTeD)
Parakalan Rangarajan, Senior Technology Development Manager, CTeD
SingHealth Lye Whye Kei, Director, SingHealth Intellectual Property 
Jenefer Alam,
Senior Manager, SingHealth Intellectual Property 
LKC SoM Yen Choo, Executive Director, Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship 
Kevin Pethe,
Assistant Dean, Research
NHG Louis Ang, Director, Group Research 
NTU Michelle Zhang, Director, Future Healthcare, NTUitive 
NUS Lim Liting, Assistant Senior Manager, Industry Liaison Office
NUHS Koh Shuwen, Director, Innovation Transfer Office
A*STAR & Other Public Agencies TTC Liaison Team,