How we do it

  • We work with clinicians, researchers, companies and other stakeholders to identify promising technologies that address particular clinical unmet needs.

  • Through a stringent selection process which takes into account criteria like medical value, competitive landscape, regulatory hurdles, commercial attractiveness and commercial viability, the DxD Hub selects promising technologies and develops it into commercially viable products.

  • The development process will primarily be funded by the DxD Hub, in partnership from the various stakeholders who would be interested in the success of the project.

DxD Activity

Who should contact the DxD Hub

  • Clinicians and Technologists – who have developed technologies which could address clinical unmet needs and are interested in bringing it to the next phase

  • Start-ups and SMEs – which are interested in product development for their technologies but lack resources and expertise to bring it to the next phase

  • MNCs – which are interested in promising products that could potentially strengthen their portfolio or/and also looking for opportunities in new areas
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