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Dr Rebecca A Dent

Her primary research interest is in the field of breast cancer, with a focus on locally advanced breast cancer and triple negative/basal-like breast cancers. She served as Chair of the locally advanced breast cancer programme and Head, Breast Cancer Clinical Trials at the Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Center in Toronto, Ontario Canada from 2007-2011. They were actively developing novel therapies and imaging strategies for these high risk patients and up to 75% of their locally advanced breast cancer patients were enrolled onto one or more clinical trials.

Her main area of research is in triple negative breast cancers with several publications in this area with over 2500 citations including three citations in the New England Journal of Medicine. She served as the global PI for a multicenter phase 1/2 trial of Olaparib for triple negative breast cancer. Dr Dent is a steering committee member for a number of large international trials including the BEATRICE trial evaluating Bevacizumab for the adjuvant treatment of triple negative breast cancer, the ETNA trial evaluating the role of nab-paclitaxel in early breast cancer and more recently has been invited to serve on the translational committee for the OlympiA trial evaluating the role of the PARP inhibitor Olaparib in the adjuvant treatment of BRCA related triple negative breast cancers.

Finally, she has served on a number of prominent international committees such as the American Society of Clinical Oncology Scientific Committee (ER/HER2 track), the Editorial Board of the Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO) and Co-Chair for the bi-annual Triple Negative Breast Cancer Conference hosted by the Breakthrough Centre for Cancer Research at the Royal Society in London, England.