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Dr Veronica Diermayr

is currently Head of Project Management at D3, A*STAR, Singapore. She obtained her Ph.D. in immunology and molecular biology from the University of Vienna in 1999. She has been working in preclinical and early clinical development for more than 15 years. Her early career at Novartis Research Institute in Vienna (Austria) focussed on allergy, studying signal transduction pathways in different immune cells to find new drug targets. Her focus shifted to cancer during her time as a post-doctoral research fellow at IMCB, Singapore.

Dr. Diermayr has gained a wide area of expertise in preclinical and early clinical development while in charge of the animal pharmacology group as well as the biomarker group, working on S*BIO’s portfolio of small molecules, developing and applying biomarker strategies during Phase I/II oncology trials. She has gained further insights at D3 (A*Star) in the development of biologics and the operational aspects of early clinical trials. Her continued focus of interest is oncology drug development as well as the development of biomarkers for targeted therapeutics.