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Prof Stan Kaye

retired as head of the Division of Clinical Studies at the Institute of Cancer Research, London in November 2013. Until recently he was Head of the Drug Development Unit at Royal Marsden Hospital, one of the largest Phase I trials units in the world. He has long experience in leading on clinical trials in cancer; the Drug Development Unit has played a leading role in the early clinical evaluation of abiraterone and of inhibitors of P13Kinase and HSP90. Most recently he has been involved in the development of PARP inhibitors.

He qualified in medicine in 1972 in London, and trained in medicine and oncology in London and Australia. He joined the Royal Marsden Hospital in September 2000 after 20 years at Glasgow University as Head of the Department of Medical Oncology. While there he was responsible for the restructuring of the clinical unit at the new Beatson Oncology Centre and the laboratory team at the Beatson Institute. He founded the Clinical Trials Unit, the Drug Development Unit and several joint clinics. His current interests, apart from new drug development, are in ovarian cancer and drug resistance.

The author of over 400 peer reviewed papers, he sits on the editorial board of 12 cancer journals, and over the past 20 years has chaired national and international committees within EORTC, MRC and CRUK. These have included chairmanship of the CRUK Clinical Trials Committee and Translational Research Committee and of EORTC Early Clinical Trials Committee.

He will continue to work at the Royal Marsden Hospital in an advisory role with other commitments as visiting Professor in Glasgow and Singapore